Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

At the, we earn our bread and butter by advising the readers on how to choose the best chairs for their comfort and get the commission from our Affiliate Partners upon successful sale. The is the participant in the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program. The Amazon allows the affiliate partners like us to refer the customers to Amazon and get a specific amount of commission on successful Sale.

The Affiliate commission is our bread and butter, and without it, we will have to shut down this website. When you click on any of the “Buy now” or product links in the posts, you’ll be redirected to the Amazon Product page with a particular link, which is known as the Affiliate link. The Affiliate Link stores a Cookie in your web browser for 24 hours to keep track of the purchases made without the specified time. If the customer, like you who clicked on the affiliate link, performs successful acquisition, then we’ll receive the commission in percentage.

At, we do not collect any personal data by any means. Everything is, and we don’t store any of your data, except the reliable third-party services like Amazon Stores their Cookie in the web browser for tracking purpose and nothing else.