Best Chair For Programmers (Comfortable & Productive)

By ChairCritics Team
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You might have hurt your spines or are going to get back pain if you are a long-term user of a computer sitting on a totally uncomfortable chair. This is what a programmer’s life looks like in long run. They have to code on the computer and work and do various other stuff sitting on a chair for a long time. To get out of the discomfort you need the best chair for programmers and software developers. Those are specifically made for them. These are the ergonomic programming chairs that will support your spine in the best possible way. So that you will get a comfortable and enjoyable work life.

A comfortable seating position will produce more productivity in your work. So, with thorough research, we have provided a list of the best budget chairs for programmers in this post. I have so many friends who are programmers or tech guys who work 10-12 hours a day in front of a computer. I know what they face in daily life while working.

So, this is the list of best chairs for computer programmers which will perfectly suit people like freelancers, a corporate employees, a micro agency, or anybody who works in front of a desk for long hours. Your primary concern must be your health and comfort first. This will definitely increase your productivity. 

Best Comfortable Chairs For Programmers

Programmers code for long hours and don’t have time to take care of their health. But they can at least buy a programmer chair that can provide the best support to their back and they won’t have issues like back pain in the longer run. 

Below we are sharing chairs that a programmer or software developer can use and get the best comfort while working. A good chair also makes you more productive. So go ahead and buy any of these chairs that suits your budget.

1. Steelcase Leap Office Chair, Black Frame and Buzz2 Black Fabric

Steelcase Leap Office Chair Black Frame and Buzz2 Black Fabric

The Steelcase leap office chair is the king of adjustability. Leap is the first choice of the people whose comfort is the first preference. This ergonomic programming chair gives proper support and comfort to the user. It increases productivity and helps the user to work for long hours by providing comfort and support.

The leap chair is a premium seat that provides extreme comfort and support throughout the day. The seat has a 2″ cushion which is very comfy to seat. The built-in air pockets set to the body give support and the flexible edges reduce pressure points on thighs.

With the Leap you do not need to change your optimal zone for reaching towards a project or work. You can recline anytime by gliding the seat forward. The Leap’s patented natural glide adjustment tool allows to do this.

The arms are fully adjusted and always ensure your comfort. These always remain parallel to your work surface as you move. So, whenever you recline you will stay comfortable at your place. These armrests have the ability to raise up and down, pivot in and out, and shift forward and back and side to side, so your arms and shoulders will get proper support and always be in a stable and relaxed position.

The Leap has amazing back support. It is designed to change its shape automatically and move accordingly to support the spine in a natural way that is the healthy S-shape. It also provides support to the lumbar and lower back in the most possible way. You can adjust the height and set your preferred level of support for your spine and lumbar.

Product Dimensions 24.75″D x 27″W x 43.5″H
Room Type Office
Color Black
Form Factor Metal
Material Aluminum

2. Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair – Licorice

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair

The steelcase series 1 work office chair is the best ergonomic chair for programmers in terms of adjustability, comfort and build quality. It looks simple yet classic. The users who are looking for ergonomic chairs with highly comfortable seating solution and also like to feel the luxury, Steelcase series 1 is undoubtedly the best ergonomic chair for programmers.

This chair ensures all day comfort and back support. It is thoughtfully designed with integrated Live Back technology. It supports your spine and it moves with your body when you change your posture. It also has adjustable lumbar support which gives proper comfort and helps you to sit and work for long hours.

Steelcase series 1 office chair automatically bends down when you recline to provide proper resistance to your back. It also provides additional settings with which you can add more recline resistance to match your preference. This chair also allows you to lock the back in an upright position. You just need to make some adjustments to get this.

This chair also has a fully adjustable armrest. You can set the position by moving up and down, pivot in and pivot out according to your need. You can also shift the armrest forward and back and side to side. When the arms get study support then the shoulders can remain in a relaxed position. So that you can rest during your work hours whenever you want.

The seat of the chair gives you a premium feel and comfort all day long. You can adjust the seat according to your sitting position. The seat cushions are extremely comfortable and have built in air pockets. These air pockets reduce the pressure on the body which is created because of long-term sitting.

The seat edge is flexible and a bit of bend where you need. This relieves pressure on your thighs.


Product Dimensions 23.75″D x 27″W x 41.25″H
Room Type Office
Color Licorice
Form Factor Metal
Material Aluminum


3. SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair with Foot Rest

SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair with Foot Rest

This SAMOFU is a customized ergonomic chair having so many facilities with little less price than Steelcase. This SAMOFU attracts the buyer because of its contemporary design and adjustability.

If you are a computer programmer and spend a lot of time sitting on a chair then you really need to think about your healt. The SAMOFU programmer chair will do this work for you. It has a 3D Backrest, 5D Armrest and also footrests. 

This chair is also very good for heavy people. It can carry a load up to 300lbs. This is a large chair and suitable for heights up to 6.3″. You can adjust the height of the back rest up to 2.4 inch. You can adjust it according to your seating position. It also has an adjustable and liftable headrest. You can lift it up to 3 inches to adjust your height. The height of the seat is also adjustable. You can set the height to match your height and desk size.

It is a perfect ergonomic programming chair for back pain. The chair has 4D lumbar support which perfectly fits with the natural curvature of the spine and reduces back pain. The free rotating headrest provides ultimate comfort to your neck.

The seat of the chair is designed in a way which reduces pressure on hip and thigh. The seat edges are a little flexible. It is a little downward slope which gives support to the knees and relieves pressure on the thighs.


Product Dimensions 19.1″D x 21.2″W x 54.2″H
Room Type Office
Color Black
Form Factor Metal
Material Aluminum

4. HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Fog Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk

HON Ignition 2.0 Mid Back Adjustable office chair


Your office and programming work becomes more enjoyable when you sit on this HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back programming chair. This chair gives comfort throughout the day and increases productivity.

This office chair has customizable option. You can customize the back recline, back height, and seat positioning. Which will support you throughout the day.

To get the best seating experience you have an option to adjust the lumbar. You can adjust or customize according to your seating position to get the best comfort. The office chair also features a synchro-tilt mechanism that helps in reclining the seat and back for proper alignment.

The back of this chair is made up of mesh which is a breathable 4 way stretch mesh. This increases the airflow and gives extra support and comfort. It reduces the stress and pressure of programmers. The arms of the chair have adjustable height and width. You can set the height according to your seating position to get utmost support.


Product Dimensions 28.5″D x 27″W x 44.5″H
Room Type Office
Color Black
Form Factor Metal
Material Aluminum

5. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, Computer Desk Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Desk Chair

This SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair is one of the best budget chairs for programmers. This is a perfect ergonomic chair that has multiple adjustment functions. You can customize the backrest, headrest, footrest, seat height and inclination angle, armrests and debugging pedals and enjoy maximum comfort. You can adjust your headrest up to 45 degrees.

This executive office chair is approved by the ergonomics association. It is also certified by BIFMA and SGS.  It has gone through extensive research on human digital models. Having an ergonomic chair has so many advantages. It protects your spine health and greatly reduces your spine pressure.

The backrest is made up of mesh woven fabrics. This has high tensile strength and strong air permeability as the backrest. This promotes air circulation and helps you relax better, and provides you with a better and more comfortable sitting posture.


Product Dimensions 28″D x 16.54″W x 25.8″H
Room Type Office
Color Black
Form Factor Metal
Material Aluminum

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Programming Chair

Buying the best chair for a computer programmer might look like an easy task to do but it’s really a difficult and confusing task. Because if you select the wrong one for you then your days will be like hell. Frequent back pain and other discomforts will make your work life measurable. So, before buying the executive chair you must keep some important points in mind. 


The chair must be adjustable in nature. It must have an option to adjust the back rest, head rest, armrest, seat height etc. The adjustability will give more comfort. The chair should have a reclining backrest. This feature conforms your back when you recline your back after long hours of sitting.  Always go with a chair which is having customizing option.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic chairs are recommended for them who spend 10-12 hours a day working in front of a computer. So, this feature is a must for a chair for programmers. While buying always go for an ergonomic chair.


Comfort is the first preference while buying a chair whether you are a programmer or not. The seat must be equipped with a soft cushion and it should have a waterfall design. This will relieve pressure on knees and thighs. 

Fabric And Build Quality

The build quality of the chair defines the fabric used in various parts of the chair and the material of construction. The best quality fabrics are polyurethane leather and mesh. Because these are breathable and increase the airflow. If you sweat excessively then you must avoid the chair made with PU leather. The material of construction should be alloy steel or Aluminum cast material, as these are very strong and sturdy. 


I know choosing the best ergonomic chair for programmers is a little difficult. But this article will surely help you to choose the right one for you. Go through the thoroughly and mark your needs while selecting the chair. You also have to think about your budget. 

But you must get the best office chair for programmers soon. Because your health is first. I hope this article helps you in choosing the right one for you.

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