Best Posture for Sitting: How to Practice Good Posture

By ChairCritics Team
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It’s not difficult to find a study or statistic to show that sitting is bad for you. It’s linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a whole host of other medical problems, and an overall shorter lifespan. The proper sitting posture in front of a computer system for work is very important.

Health is much important for all people if you are not fit then you cannot pay full intention to the project. If you want to get a maximum result then must keep him fit are produce the maximum results.

I want to tell you a story about the importance of health. A few months earlier a company where I work for the last 3 years arranged the workshop on health problems.

The company invites the health consultant that tell him about health fit and how to keep himself fit and try to produce a maximum result.

If the employees are fit then it’s a good sign for the company and employees because if employees totally fit then they produce maximum.

Top 9 Best Sitting Posture

Best Posture for Sitting: How to Practice Good Posture

In this article, I will share with you health tips to keep fit and produce maximum. I share some Best Posture for Sitting that describe how to sit at the desk and also share some numeric values and angles that help you to keep fit.

  1. Chair Sitting positions

In this step, you set up his chair where you sit in front of the desk. The chair plays a vital role in this procedure. First of all set the height of the chair where you sit according to his need.

If you want to use a computer system or Laptop then you must keep the chair in front of the screen. The Sitting position of the chair is important because if you put a chair on a side instead of the front then it’s possible the chair has created a problem for you. Keep the chair always in front of the screen.

On the other hand, if you sit on a chair for relaxation then the chair sitting position does not matter but height is matters because you always set the height properly according to his desk.

  1. Desk Sitting positions

The desk sitting position is important in this scenario. You must put a desk in a suitable place and always try to have a proper length of the desk. If you use a desk for free then you must try to keep height is equal to his own chest and easily put his arms of the desk.

If you want to use a desk for his working procedure, they must have less height because you put a screen on a desk. When you put a screen on the desk then automatically height is increased.

  1. Screen Sitting positions

The position of the screen on the desk is important because you focus on the screen and if the screen position is not matching your sitting position then it must create a problem for you. You will work on a screen the whole day.

Must keep the position of the screen equal to his face. If the position of the screen is equal to your face then it’s very easy to use and does not create a problem for you. I will suggest you always keep the screen is equal to his face and get an easy view.

The position of the screenplay important role because if you do have not a proper setting of the screen then you pay more energy on viewing the screen. This procedure is dangerous for health, especially for the eyes and neck. When you focus on a single point then your eyes feel hard. So, keeping screens are equal to facing safe health.

  1. Keyboard Sitting positions

Some desk has a proper position for the keyboard. If your desk has not then don’t worry am solve your problem. I tell you where you set the keyboard and save his health, time, and energy.

If your desk has a proper place for a keyboard then it’s good. Always keep the keyboard in the required place a get maximum. Most of the desk provides a proper place for a keyboard.

Now I tell you if your desk cannot appoint a particular space for a keyboard. You must place a keyboard in front of a screen means to says you place a screen in the middle of the desk and place a keyboard in front of the screen and get easy access.

  1. Mouse Sitting positions

The position of the mouse is also important because you will mouse all the time to control the pointer for performing some action. The mouse and keyboard use the whole day continuously to perform an action.

Most of the desks allocate a specific place for the mouse. The place is on the right side of the screen. You pull the sheet that is attached to the desk and place a mouse on it. It’s a very easy way to use a mouse properly without any problem.

If your desk has not mentioned a place for the mouse then it’s not a problem. I tell you where you put the mouse and easily use it to produce maximum. You must put a mouse on the right side of the screen with the keyboard. This position is very good for a mouse.

  1. Telephone Sitting positions

The telephone position is also important if you sit in the office in front of the desk Because you will use the telephone, again and again, to inform our staff or give instructions to his staff.

The position of the telephone is on the right side of the screen. Keep the distance between the mouse and the telephone. Most of the people are right-handed and mostly use the right hand and easily pick with the right hand. If you place a telephone on the right hand then it’s very easy to pick up quickly.

All peoples are not right-handed, some people are left-handed are mostly use the left hand for work progress, they eat with a left hand, pick up something with the left hand, drink water with left hand then to prove his efficiency and decrease his load to put a telephone on his left side.

  1. Other Accessory position:

When you work in an office and deal with different stakeholders then you have a number of accessories on his table. Imagine you are working as an MD of the company, then you have many more accessories on his table.

Screen are telephone are must on each table already define the position of screen and telephone. Keep a screen in a middle and keep the telephone on the right side if you are right-handed otherwise on left-handed.

If you have a different accessory on his table then I will suggest you set the accessory according to my suggestion. All paper is put on the left side because is not used paper again and again. A remaining accessory-like ballpoint box was put on the left side with papers.

  1. Foot Sitting positions

Foot position is very important when you sit on the desk. Because the foot position is important for relaxation. Keep your foot slightly upward and feel relaxed. Most of the desk provides a built-in foot position, if your desk has no foot position then it’s not a problem.

If your desk has no foot place then you get a wood piece and place it on 45 angles. Wood must have the shape of the ramp. This procedure provides a lot of relaxation.

  1. Sitting Sitting positions

The sitting position is more important more relaxation. When you sitting on the chair in front of the desk, then be active a focused on the screen. Some people sitting on the chair with a non-active position give an expression of the burden of the work.

This type of sitting is not good because when you sit on the chair in an active mod then your total body is in action are you feel relaxed and get the maximum result. I will suggest you to sitting on the chair be active.

The whole discussion is only to guide you, on how to sit in front of the desk the whole day and produce maximum. We told you in detail how to sit on a chair and save his energy. If you feel relaxed and focused on the work then it’s good for you and your company.

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