Fabric vs. Leather Office Chairs

By ChairCritics Team

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Different materials are used to furnish office chairs. The ones that are made of fabric are the most preferred, though there are those who prefer the ever classy leather chair.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both materials that one should look into before finally purchasing one.

Fabric office chairs

Aesthetically speaking, an office chair that is made of fabric comes in wide variety of colors. So you can choose a color that will be of contrast or the one that will perfectly blend in with the work station’s motif and other ornaments. You will definitely enjoy shopping for one. Another is that an office chair that is made of fabric is more comfortable because this type of material breathes. It does not resist your weight but flows with it instead. Even if you are sitting for long hours, it will not strain you because it just fully catches your weight. These are just some of the advantages of fabric office chairs.

On the other hand, having a fabric chair can be a pain because it is difficult to maintain its cleanliness. It penetrates dust, liquid, and moisture among others which may lead to the immediate damage of the chair. It requires much effort and additional expense for the fabric detergent that should be used in cleaning.

Fabric office chairs are not advisable in offices that are warm because fabrics are likely to absorb the body’s heat when used on long hours.

Leather office chairs

Aside from its classy look, leather chairs are very durable. Leather is a raw material which makes it robust. The maintenance of this kind of material is really easy and cheap. It is resistant to dust, moisture, and liquid among others. All you need is a dry cloth to wipe off the unwanted elements on it. It can also withstand wear and tear over a period of time. It is a bit pricy but you will certainly get what you paid for.

Leather has very limited colors so if you wish to be artistic in your office, this is not the material for you. As said earlier, this is way expensive as compared to other materials that are available. If its leather cover is already destroyed, repair is almost impossible. The original look of leather can never be restored without spending too much for it.

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