Privacy Policy

Who are We?

We are the, and we provide reviews and advise on Best Chairs for Office, Gaming and Personal purpose. Finding the best chairs and sharing the information with our readers is our agenda.

Where to Contact Us?

You can contact us via our Contact Us page below or email us directly at this email address.

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What Information Do We Collect?

We collect several types of data from the visitor who is surfing the site. Although, the data is not used for spying, doing or any other illegal activity its used for the analytical purpose. Here are the types of data we collect for analytical purpose.

● IP Address

● Location

● Smartphone Type ( If applicable )

● Computer Details ( If applicable )

● Screen Resolution

● Browser Details

● Operating System Version

● Threat Identifiers

● Advertising Policies

● System Settings

How we use this Information?

We use the collected information mostly for the analytical purpose. The analytics of the data allows us to fine tune the services and the content for our visitors. Also, we use the collected information for advertising delivery. If the advertising policies in your device are not preventing us, then we’ll deliver the ads based on your IP, Location, Device Type and other data.

Do we use Cookies?

Technically, Yes! We do use the Cookies to track the user interaction. As we are the part of Amazon Affiliate Program, the company stores a specific cookie file in the browser of the visitor, once he clicks on our affiliate link. The company tracks the user for any of the purchases on Amazon website and then awards the commission to us. As per the recent EULA agreements, the users will have the option to accept cookies or deny the cookie in their browser. As the Cookies and other temporary data are not harmful at all, it is advised to allow it for better service.

Do you Collect Payment data?

No. we are not the e-commerce site or any site that is collecting the payments from their visitors. As we don’t receive the fees from our visitors, we don’t ask, accept or store the direct payments from our customers. Although, the associated brands like Amazon and others may ask you for the payment details for your purchase orders.

Why this Privacy Policy?

The Privacy of the visitors is our apex aim. The visitors should know what are we are doing, what data we are collecting and how we are using it. It is essential for a visitor to understand what are the implications of the information we are receiving.

If the visitor disagrees without Privacy Policy, then he/she can take appropriate actions and prevent our partners or us from collecting the critical data. The Privacy Policy shows the transparency between us, the and the visitors about the Data collection, Usage, and content delivery.