How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair?

By ChairCritics Team
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Do you know how to fix a sinking office chair? Furniture of the house and office is much important because it plays an important role in the shining of the house and office. If we discuss the chair, it’s an important part of the office.

A few days earlier office management decide to exchange the chairs with a new sinking office chair. Currently, settled chairs are replaced after only one reason. The reason is the failure of the height pipe.

Chairs that have faulty adjustable cylinders have this as a common feature. You see, your desk chair uses a piston cylinder. The cylinder maintains the height of the chair, the chair holds a clump. If you want to change the height of the chair then push up the clump and change height.

But there is a problem, after a few years, the piston-cylinder loses its work because the piston-cylinder manages the height using pressure air. It’s not easy to maintain the height because 60 to 70 kg weight is on a chair and the piston-cylinder maintains the height using pressure air.

Most of the chairs have a 3 to 4 year age of his piston. After a 3 or 4-year chair lost his piston cylinder and then the user feels uncomfortable. He absolutely feels uncomfortable because each user sets his height according to his needs.

In this situation, the replacement of the chair is not a good option because if the company purchase 200 or more chair for its staff every 2 to 3 year then the company lose a large amount of budget on purchasing chairs.

How to fix sinking Chair piston Failure

There are many reasons for the failure of a sinking chair. Most of the persons treat nonsense with things like sitting on a chair with a jump and increasing or decreasing the height of the chair for getting fun.

This type of behavior decreases the life of the product. If you want to increase the life of the product then must it use with care.  The second reason for the failure of the sinking chair piston is to use of low-quality material in the production of the product.

Some people want to save money and try to get a product at is less price use low-quality material in production. They save money but loss quality, then after a few days, the product loses its life. Must try to purchase a quality product.

The Solution to this Problem

If you and your company facing this type of problem then this article helps you to increase the life of the chair. You follow the following steps and save his company budge.

  1. Select the Required Height

First of all, select the required height of the chair where you want to set the height or feel comfortable. This step is important, after this selected height you cannot change the height of the chair. So, choose the height to be careful.

  1. Put the Tape around Pipe

The second step is to put the tape around the cylinder pipe. This means to say when you set the height of the chair then the piston-cylinder releases the pipe to set the height. You must put the tape on the pipe that is released by a piston cylinder.

  1. Put Clump on the Pipe

In this step, we can put a clump around the pipe. You will easily get a clump from a hardware store. Reached the hardware store and says” We need a clump for pipe”.

Put clump on pipe and tight as much as possible and ensure that the clump is fully tight on the pipe. That clump pushes up the seat and maintains the height of the chair. The clump has an important role and tries to get quality clump.

  1. Measure the Distance of Pipe

Now measure the distance of the pipe that is released by the piston-cylinder with scale. This is an important feature because we can put a pipe in this portion.

  1. Purchase Pipe

After measuring the distance we will purchase a pipe that is put on the pipe that is released by the piston cylinder. Please buy a quality pipe because these pipes are pushup your weight, if you select a normal pipe then it’s possible to break the pipe after 2 or 3 weeks. So, purchase a quality pipe and increase the life of the chair.

  1. Put pipe on Released piston Pipe

In the last step, we put a pipe on the released piston-cylinder pipe. This is the most important part of this procedure because putting pipe face its whole weight instead of the piston cylinder.

After this procedure, your chair life is increased by 5 to 6 years but you cannot change the height of the chair.

I hope you’ll clarify your thought about the chairs.

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