Why is an Ergonomic Office Chair so Important?

By ChairCritics Team

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In today’s modern world where people easily spend more than 8 hours a day sitting at a desk, finding the Best Ergonomic Office Chair is something of vital importance.

Office chairs are all designed differently, to appeal to the eyes, to take up as little space, to cost the least and also to be the most comfortable.

Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment, job techniques and a workplace to suit individual workers. A good ergonomic design will help to prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which can cause serious issues later in life.

Once you start looking at ergonomics you realize very quickly that everything is connected together.

For example, your desk needs to suit the chair, and the mouse and keyboard that you are using should promote good posture. Often simple Leather Desk Chairs are the way to go, but you need to take regular breaks.

Office chairs can even be customized, and often the Best Ergonomic Office Chair is exactly that. Sure, you might pay a hefty price to get a chair that is comfortable, but when you really think about it the cost is highly justified.

For those who work in an office day in and day out, you might spend 40 hours a week in that chair. Just like a bed, something that you are going to use very regularly should be of the best quality that you can get.

Going for something because it is cheaper is going to cost you more in the long run, especially if it promotes poor body posture. A back injury will stop you from doing so many things in life, and will cost you so much more in medical bills in the long run!

For starters, the Best Ergonomic Office chair should be adjustable. Of course, you can get away with one that isn’t assuming that you are highly comfortable in it, but usually you won’t know how comfortable you are in the chair until you have used it for a few days.

By buying a chair that has a few things which you can adjust on it you can be sure that you will be able to find a position which is comfortable, and therefore ergonomic.

On that point, generally the best way to find out whether the position that you are sitting in is ergonomic is to consider whether you are comfortable or not. Generally those who sit in a poor position will suffer in some way or form.

Unfortunately, often ignorance prevails and people are unaware of the pain that they are feeling, until someone points it out!

Having height adjustment is vital if you are unsure of the height of the desk that you are going to be using. One of the easiest ways to damage your back is to use a chair that is too small, or too tall.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair also has adjustable backs, in that you can move the back of the chair further forward or further back, depending on what is comfortable.

Much like the seats in a car, even if you have the Best Ergonomic Office Chair adjusted too far forwards you will suffer the effects of poor ergonomics. Ergonomic Computer Desks are usually custom made, or made to be adjustable.

I prefer leather chairs, but the Best Ergonomic Office Chair could be made out of meshed material, cotton or another sort of upholstery.

Once you have the best chair, adjusting it to suit the application that you are using it for is highly important. Ideally your elbows should sit on the desk without you having to push your arms further forward.

Of course, by experimenting with what is comfortable you will soon know what works and what doesn’t! One of the biggest mistakes that I see with people in terms of ergonomics and long office hours is that they don’t have their monitors high enough.

So many people are happy to have a monitor sitting right on the desk, so your neck is constantly pointed down.

When you think about the natural position for the neck it’s no wonder that the Best Ergonomic Office Chair promotes the monitor to be higher.

Experts suggest that the correct height for the monitor is to have the top of the monitor at eye level. Of course, there are exceptions depending on how tall you are, and how big the monitor is.

Above all though, the Best Ergonomic Office Chair is well worth buying, especially if you spend more than just a few hours in it every week. For those who spend over 20 hours a week, week on week then it’s almost vital to get one!

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